oncological radiotherapists


employees across

5 countries

Our strength

A team of 16 physicists, 21 radiation oncologists, and 140 employees across 5 countries

A team of specialists with expertise developed over 15 years in:
– Management
– Administration
– Organisation

Our key words are
– Productivity
– Efficiency
– Quality

Our cancerology solutions for Africa

To plan, build and implement  oncology centres, operating them if necessary, but with a patient-centred approach: care and cure.

Working with the latest technology and clinical standards: RT VMAT treatment without side effects. Use of high-end, high-performance, reliable and durable equipment.

Reliable equipment: Elekta accelerators and MinFound scanners (with local service support)

The support and development of local personnel, in particular nurses, RTT, physicists and doctors.

An effective network of medical correspondents, providing remote support and data analysis.

A software platform with dedicated, reliable IT support.  Automation and standardization of practices in all centres.

Assistance to patients in accessing care

Project management from A to Z

The choice of long or short term support/partnership

Government support: assistance with authorizations and exemptions, national “cancer” project

Liability as we offer to manage the centers for 1 to 5 years after commissioning.

 Notre vision de la radiothérapie en Afrique :
apporter aux Etats africains la méthode
de traitement de haute technologie la plus récente (VMAT)
en la rendant accessible à
à un coût de traitement ADAPTÉ
aux pays à faibles et moyens revenus.