Our expertise


15 years’ experience in radiotherapy and chemotherapy

• Owners of 6 radio/chemotherapy centres in France

• Builder of and support for 5 centres in Africa

• Design of a 7 centre network in Romania

Women’s Health

• Our Group built and manages the Women’s Clinic  Feminae in Metz (France)

Network Support

• Management of a network of centres

• Assistance for remote planning and second opinion patient examination

• On-site training and diffusion of best practice


• All our equipment is high-tech and comes with manufacturer support

• Standardised identical procedures and processes

• Fully digital and fully automated with in-house IT solutions

Diagnostic Imaging

• A CT, MR and XRF imaging centre can be added

Our vision for radiotherapy in Africa :
To bring to African states the latest high-end treatment method (VMAT) by making it accessible to ALL PATIENTS at a treatment cost ADAPTED to low and middle income countries.