The OMCC Group, headquartered in Luxembourg, is active in the field of cancer treatment through external radiotherapy, medical oncology and diagnostic X-Rays.  We operate in Europe and in Africa.

The technical services offered by OMCC range from building and equipping turnkey radiotherapy, radiology, chemotherapy and anatomical pathology treatment units, through to the development and support of software packages for the management and exercise of clinical activities.

With its more than 140 strong team, the Group is expert in organisational optimisation and local skill development within these treatment centres.


• 2006 Metz: our first centre.  More than 20,000 patients treated – 70-90 patients per day per linac

• 2010 Romania: design of a network of 7 linked private treatment centres.

• 2012: support for the set-up of centres in Madrid and Murcia in Spain.

• 2012-2020: acquisition, upgrade and integration of centres in France at Aurillac, Chaumont, Clermont-Ferrand, Nevers and Vichy.

• 2014-2020: construction and operational support of radiotherapy and chemotherapy cancer treatment centres in Africa – Dakar, Senegal (private); Kigali, Rwanda (Ministry of Defence); Lomé, Togo (private).

• 2021-2022: we are currently carrying out and supporting more than fifteen cancer treatment centre implementation  projects throughout Africa, including in Ethiopia, Botswana, Malawi, South Africa,  Ghana and Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kazakhstan.